February 12, 2011

The old Rynn Jacobs blog is back...for a while

Due to popular demand I decided to put the blog entries back online. rynnjacobs.com is still in development and it's unclear yet if it'll be a static 'TLG legacy' site or a blog. Please be patient, I have new background infos, new pictures, new details--actually too much stuff.

So here is some of the old stuff, totally un-pro, but directly from the heart of TLG's biggest fan. By the way, don't expect all of these infos are still correct or the questions still unanswered...

December 19, 2010


Dear friends & followers,

the Rynn Jacobs blog is history now.

But The Little Girl will return...

Hope to see you on rynnjacobs.com in 2011.



May 25, 2010


Rynn Jacobs is the little girl who lives down the lane.
Jodie Foster plays the little girl who lives down the lane.
Follow me to the New England country house...

This is a private website for the purpose of preserving historic background informations. It is not affiliated with anything official regarding "The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane". All text and research are my original work. If you copy and paste then your next cup of tea might taste like almond cookies.